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Flint is a new type-safe, contract-oriented programming language specifically designed for writing robust smart contracts on Ethereum.

Flint is still in alpha, and is not ready to be used in production yet.

Medium article: Flint: A New Language for Safe Smart Contracts on Ethereum

Programming! 2018 paper: Writing Safe Smart Contracts in Flint

Franklin Schrans MEng thesis: Writing Safe Smart Contracts in Flint

Language Overview

The Flint Programming Language Guide gives a high-level overview of the language, and helps you getting started with smart contract development in Flint.

Flint is still under active development and proposes a variety of novel contract-oriented features.


Contributions to Flint are highly welcomed! The Issues page tracks the tasks which have yet to be completed. When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via an issue.

To get an understanding of the codebase please refer to The Compiler Guide.

Please use the standard Pull Request template and follow the checklist as you construct your PR.

Flint Improvement Proposals (FIPs) track the design and implementation of larger new features for Flint or the Flint compiler.

The Flint team are: Sophia Drossopoulou, Susan Eisenbach, Daniel Hails, Alex Harkness, Franklin Schrans (the original developer of the Flint compiler, but no longer working on it).